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A project is exactly, what it decides to be, it has meaning inherent in it; you are unable to define it from the outside. It is not contradictory, but possible and coherent as soon as it exists, and it exists, when a person makes it exist.

Simone de Beauvoir, 1962

Life Celebration Project

Chancepartout is partaking in the development of this new international organization.

"Life Celebration Project is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving life through the development of innovative projects in the fields of art, science, technology and economics. In counterpoint to global consumerism that erases history and local culture, projects recover shared legacies and reveal lost historical traditions that inform creative acts. Projects invite participants into shared collaborative spaces that unveil the artistic process in the hopes of unlocking human potential."
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The educational part of Life Celebration Project is based on the idea of creating a school without walls. A collaborative space where partners from different institutions develop an experiential creative education about the art of celebration, and what art can teach us about how to live our lives.

Deweyan in spirit - this idea of a creative experiential learning platform is inspired by an organizational structure of the neighborhood academy, non-formal learning and alternative and a participatory learning perspective. This creative platform lays out a space, where people can meet and learn about how to create educational projects and stage rich experiences through art.

“The power of art is to be genuinely transformative, to modify irrevocably our habitual ways of thinking, feeling and perceiving” John Dewey, 1933